Birthday Greeting Turned Into Sudden Realizations

I think this is the time when realized you deserve a spot on this site. Even though you bailed on me last night I guess I can give you a birthday pass. We’ve been friends deep and long enough that I don’t care if this whole thing gets too sappy. Get ready for the shower of cheesy compliments I’m about to give you.

There was never a day that wasn’t fun with you. You always have ways of making the most ordinary things hilarious without even trying. And yet you’re one of the few people I talk to on the serious and important matters. Your passion motivates me to have time for the things that I love even if the circumstances does not let me.

Did I ever tell you my favorite memory that I ever had with you? It was the after party of the Summer Camp Premiere. And no, it was not because of what happened that time at the backseat of that tricycle ride on the way to your place when everyone else was wasted and everything was weird and crazy and awkward. It wasn’t that (although it was fun, to be honest *wink wink).

It was because of the overwhelming feeling I felt when we decided to go out someplace quiet and just catch up after a long time of not being able to talk to each other. That feeling that I missed you so much and I was so happy that I get to talk to you again. And then I realized, that is exactly what I’m going to feel when we go separate ways to face the “outside world”.

AAArgh just recently we were talking about the weird phases we had and I can’t help but think that it’s gonna be really different in the coming months. You gave me this really cool and meaningful and fun college life that I’ll be proud to tell stories about!

I do hope that you get to live your dreams (because of the benefits I’m gonna get in which DO NOT EVER FORGET ME when that happens lol). Thanks for the awesome years and happy birthday, seestra.



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