I have to admit, I am not an active participant of the Peñafrancia Festival. In fact, last Friday was a non-working holiday because of the traslacion and I spent the entire day asleep in the apartment. These days, my body clock has gone askew because our sleeping hours usually take time at 4:30am – 10:30am.

So when my body decided to shut itself down at 1:00 pm, I didn’t realize I would wake up at 6 in the evening.

But I was lucky I didn’t wake up later than that because some time that evening, fireworks went roaring a few meters from where we were. And that was the closest I’ve ever been to a fireworks display. And I know this might sound shallow and disrespectful, but I thank Our Lady of Peñafrancia for letting me experience that kind of beauty and magnificence that was manifested just above our temporary home.

I’ve never felt so heavy and overwhelmed. Every inhale was a gasp and every exhale was a sigh. There was no inbetween. My heart was bursting with joy and blinking felt like a betrayal as if I was to waste a single millisecond of it. For a moment, I’ve forgotten the life I have on earth–the apartment, my friends, our neighbors, our short film. For a moment, I thought it was just me and those  tiny flashes of light.

I was succumbed to the display of lights above and it felt like it was raining stars. It was so close to us that I thought of reaching out my hand to touch it.

But alas, like everything else, It wasn’t meant to last. After laughing at one of our friends because he went rushing outside in his towel to behold the beautiful sight, we went right back to our mundane lives, secretly smiling at the unforgettable elation we felt in that short period of time.


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