Friends My Balls

I would consider the film 500 Days of Summer as one of the most important films that happened in my life. It has influenced the many decisions I had to make and its awesome soundtrack has kept me company through the best and worst days. Through this film, I was able to have a good look on my character development because of the different insights I have every time I decide to rewatch it.

I started off as someone who has an apathetic treatment towards the film as whole–not really paying attention to the details like the cinematography, the OST and even the message of the story (though I was deeply affected by how Tom and Summer’s relationship ended, but that was that.) That was back when I was in high school didn’t know how films are more than means of entertainment.

Then there came a point when I became so madly hateful towards Summer because that was the time when I realized she was the one who broke them up. And I hated how she strongly disregarded the intimacy of their relationship and declared that it was friendship and air that is between them and nothing more. I despised her more for being unfair to Tom by keeping the feelings constantly high but not committing to it. And her hypocrisy for ending up being married to some random guy.

I did learn to notice and appreciate the soundtrack and the cinematography, though.

And then, Summer Camp 2015 came. I was an incoming senior and I’ve had enough experience with making film analysis with my friends that when I decided to watch it again, I had another point of view.

This time, I realized it wasn’t Summer’s fault entirely. It’s true that her character suddenly became bland and off and it was a really dick move to make Tom feel it’s real when it wasn’t but I think the film didn’t really show the side of Summer. It kinda only gave small hints on how she really felt and they did a really awful job on it. Or maybe, they didn’t intend to show her side.

But when Summer said something about how she woke up one morning and knew what she was never sure of with Tom, I realized feelings can change. No matter how much the relationship is built throughout the time of being with someone, it can go down in just one single shift of thought or feeling or point of view. And you can’t force yourself to continuously pretend that everything is the same because it’s gonna hurt the both of you more.

Also, what if the other guy was actually better than Tom and that Summer was a lot happier spending time with him? Or that there is something in Tom’s personality that Summer couldn’t stand and so she wanted to get out? But I guess we’ll never know because the film is about Tom and so we sympathize only to his character and see things in his point of view.

Right now, this is what I think of 500 Days of Summer. In addition to that, this film has became too relatable not only to my friends but also to myself. The weight of how much it is parallel to our own stories made it possible to drink on it while watching (which happened two nights ago when everyone felt shitty and decided to ignore the senior production for a moment and just talk about feelings).

It may change in time. I might look back on this someday and might feel differently but I guess that how it is and that’s how it’s gonna be.


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