Wasted Skins


We relived our childhood awhile ago and played around with fake tattoos. In all fairness, it looked kinda rad in the picture.

Updates on what’s happening: We are at the Second Wave of our Senior Production 1.  I’m done with the Animated TV Commercial and it’s time for making the music video. Damn. The Post-Prod now serves as a common room for me and my peers.  It’s now a sanctuary for the frustrated and the sleep deprived and the uncontrollable hyper and violent physical urges.

I realized I hadn’t talk about what happened after the submission of the ATVC and the prelims exam in Advanced Animation. Well, we were pretty worn out so we kinda needed to freshen things up. Luckily it was my friend’s 20th and she invited us over her place (which was convenient because it was a few minutes from my house).

There, we poured our frustrations and stress on the karaoke machine. As the night grew deep, madness ensues until we couldn’t tell what we were drinking anymore. Some were punching each other on the arm (which was evident the next day because of the bruises we had). Some lay down on the side of the road and watched the stars. Some just didn’t give a single fuck and kept singing the karaoke even after they vomited. The place was covered with cigarette smoke and vomit. And I have no idea how I got to where I was sleeping that night.



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