Comforts and Colds

Rain is rare in my country and so everytime the indecisive Philippine sky decides to pour, it causes such big hype on people. Personally I love rain. If there’s anything I don’t appreciate about it, it’s probably getting wet from it. But nothing compares to the peaceful feeling of experiencing it indoors.

I love the cold. I love the paleness. I love the harmonious patters on the roofs. I love the smell of the wet pavement. I love the deserted streets. I love the tiny droplets racing each other on the glass windows. I love the people with their hands over their heads rushing for shelter. I love the windshield wipers in action.

And everything you love about rain makes you want to crawl up the sheets and cover every inch of your body. Your hot cup of coffee suddenly becomes something you want. Not just something you need. And when your playlist miraculously does the thing and everything is perfect that you just feel like wrapping your arms around the person next to you and burying you head in their necks. Legs entangled and you’d do nothing all day but smell each other.


You adjust to the most perfect spot on the couch and you nestle yourself there all covered in blankets. Food all around you to satisfy your gluttony. And for the whole day, you engross yourself to a complicated story of either a mad-man in a box or a fucked up kingdom with dragons that are compressed into a series of 45min episodes.

Either way, rain is to be celebrated by everyone because of the peace it brings.

or the water itself… if you’re a farmer.


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