We Actually Went Miles (8124.43 miles to be exact)

So remember the time when my friends and I kinda made a film about death and stuff? It was a summer project back in 2014 because we still had time to make personal projects back then.

It was this film:

and I already talked to y’all about it in this entry here.

And right now, I am still in shock because of what popped out on my friend’s inbox. It was an email saying that our film got qualified as one of the official selection from a competition called Fashion Film Festival Chicago. And I checked the site out and there we were:


What the fuck? I don’t mean it in a bad way but I didn’t really expect that it would actually go somewhere other than the eyes of our peers and friends. We were bored. We never had like a statement to fight for or someone to dedicate this film to. It was all just because we needed to create something. We needed to generate ideas and make something productive. We were a group of friends who happens to have the same interests and hang out through talking about mirrors of reality and make them into films.

And to think, judging from the past winners and the quality of the other selected films, we are no way in level with them. I’m not saying that I am not proud of this. To be honest, it’s more of a WTF moment but in a good way.

I am really thrilled. It’s like this: You create something and the excitement was at the moment when you finish it. You share to everyone you love. You scream to the world that you put a certain amount of effort doing that and you’re really proud of it. And as days or weeks pass, it dies down and yeah you’re still proud of it but you’ve got other things coming and going in your life. Until it came to the point when the hype died down and it’s now just a really cool thing that contains awesome memories.

But then, someone experiences that creation in some part of the planet at the moment when you’ve almost forgotten about it. And they appreciate it. And it felt so good knowing that someone still cares even you yourself doesn’t that much anymore.


Guys, let’s make more.


2 thoughts on “We Actually Went Miles (8124.43 miles to be exact)

  1. sillysili

    That awesome feeling when you just do what you love to do and get awarded/recognized for it (without even expecting anything).

    These days I’ve just realized that most students are conditioned to win contests/awards, and forget the very thing which propels them towards higher grounds — passion.

    Thanks for reminding us that we need to love our craft first, and eventually everything will follow. Cheers.


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