In those long afternoons walks I wish our destination was farther or never to be reached at all. I love hearing your stories. It interests me no matter how simple and ordinary they may be. I like seeing your eyes glisten as you speak you heart out. And the sound as you catch your breath in your hurry of finishing the story. And those taps on my shoulder whenever you need my utmost attention because you were trying to make a point. 

Although it makes my heart skip beats when you cling onto my elbow whenever there’s a car around as we cross the street, I kinda wish you’d never let go. If given the chance, I would have interlaced my fingers around yours and hold it for as long as the situation can. 

And I shall never waste a single millisecond as our every step takes us towards wherever this whole moment should stop. 

because nothing feels more peaceful than doing your favorite thing with your favorite person. 


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