Last Letters

Now here we are, on the last page, you and me. There isn’t really much more to say to you because I’ve written you entries more than enough for you to absorb. Plus an amazing chatbox filled with honesty and endearment and one helluvah friendship that I’ll cherish to my grave. 

I’ve lived a short life and I never thought I’d have the chance of actually caring for someone. I thought I’d never experience wanting to be with a person and sometimes destroying myself in the process. But even so, I am eternally grateful (lels using the word “eternally” is really weird and appropriate at this time).

Please take care of yourself. Have a long pleasant walk when you feel the need to think things through. Remember breaks and rest days but never forget to give time to the people you love. If there’s anything death has ever taught me is that we should keep the important people around. 

You wanna know something cool? I just defied the considered universal truth these days that there is no forever. Think about it, the moment I stopped breathing, that was the moment when my time in this world also stopped. It may have not stopped my body from withering but all the memories and feelings and thoughts I ever had is now frozen in time. It shall never be tweaked nor broken nor destroyed. They will never change. It’s gonna be the way it is forever. 

I don’t know much about afterlife. Everyone who I would probably ask about it is now dead. But I’d like to believe that wherever I’m going, I’d carry those feelings for you with me. 

So whenever you’re feeling sad or alone or like the whole world has turned its back against you, always remember that I’m here and I’m always gonna be on your side and I’m always gonna love you. Forever. (HA! tell your future relationship to beat that!)

But seriously, I’ll be watchin’ over ya. So no worries. 

Have a great life.

I swear I’m not wishing for death but sometimes I feel like I’m ready. Also I was bored.


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