It is the epoch of revision and I just got back home from another overnight in the lab.I haven’t taken a bath and my head hurts like hell I feel like I’m experiencing a hangover. As much as I wanted to sleep, I can’t because I just drank a whole bottle of energy drink and I have this fear of not being able to wake up again.

Yes, there have been talks about energy drinks since the beginning of summer among my peers. Coffee doesn’t work on me anymore and my intakes of energy drinks have been becoming really unhealthy. To be honest, we were already given warnings by our professor that it is not advisable to drink energy drink especially if our work does not include physical exertion.

But you have to understand that energy drinks have become a necessity because of their known effectiveness. You could really feel yourself hyperventilating and your uncontrollable need of jumping and running around and you just suddenly feel awake. But well, it’s still dangerous so we try our best to drink it as seldom as we can.

Anyway, revision gave me chance to rewatch some of my favorite How I Met Your Mother  episodes. It made me give a lot of thought about things and it’s still as funny as the first time I saw it.

I am really really tired right now so I’m gonna have to end it here. I have a LOT to talk about but maybe next time. By the way, I am currently experiencing panic because of how much the days are going until the deadline and I am not still halfway to finishing my work.

Oh and the generous snacks were one of the most beautiful things that happened to me this week.

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