That Forevermore Finale Night


There’s more of us but you know, the backseat’s just way more fun. Also, before all that fun road trip we had, we needed to push our asses off just to start that fucking car because the battery died right in the middle of the highway.

Yeah and I wondered where we found our strength because most of us didn’t eat dinner that night because of the summertime student financial crisis that shall not end until the start of June. Y’all should have seen us jump for joy and wave our hands and scream in delight when we heard that beautiful sound of ignition. And yes, we were still in the middle of that highway and people were looking at us.

But nobody gave two shits about it, we went straight to our friend’s place and it’s been a while since I’ve seen these people all together. Well in the first few hours, there were dull moments but then I realize that’s one of the ultimate challenges of being friends with people: Understanding that there’s gonna be dull moments and that you have to put as much faith as you can on those people and not leave them behind just because they’re not as fun as they used to. Because your friends are more than that. At least that’s what I think.

So as the night turned to morning, we came up with ridiculous ways to pass time. I won’t tell you about the details but they were weird. And just when I thought it’s gonna be that kind of night, it wasn’t. People started talking about serious stuff. More serious than ever. It was weird because they were these types of friends that don’t talk about this stuff. And then suddenly pasts were brought up and futures were predicted and the present was the hot topic of that night.

I didn’t say much because I wasn’t really that comfortable having that kind of conversation with a large number of listeners. Although I am comfortable talking to them individually, it just feels different talking to a crowd. So all I did was goof around to avoid the awkwardness. But then those involuntary funny side comments died down until were in a more sensitive and real talks. Some were tearing up. Some were using words I’ve never heard before. Some were silent but thoughtful. It was a whole different atmosphere that I never imagined being with the people I was with last night.

But I think we kinda needed them. Those talks, I mean. Even though you might agree that it was all too cheesy and awkward, I feel like there are words that are deserved to be heard. There are words that we needed to liberate instead of them being a part of the thoughts inside our heads or a part of a conversation behind a person’s back. All we needed was to face that fear of being judged as cheesy and lame because we thought we were too cool to say those words.

And I think we did a pretty good job on talking about them.

One thing I admire about us is despite of the number of issues that we all avoid talking about, we remained cool and we still plan things out like nothing was wrong. And we did talk about it, we still remained cool and we still plan things out like nothing was resolved. I’m not saying that there weren’t changes, but we all have this beautiful talent of shoving away the big issue and remaining as we are.

a as


Well I need to stop. This is getting too cheesy.


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