Walk, walk fashion baby. Work it. Move that bitch crazy

It was unnerving spending your entire day literally from the moment you wake up until the moment you lie down on that sleeping bag in the same air-conditioned and UV radiated environment where people just sit and work all day. And conversations were minimal because of earphones plugged in our ears and the deadline hovered over our heads.

I couldn’t stand staying in that place for a long time. And I desperately need breaks away from that computer. Away from that lab. Away from that building. Away from that institution. I’m not saying that I hated the work because I loved it. I’m not even complaining about our work area because it’s well-ventilated enough against the summer heat and we have everything we needed there. It’s just that sometimes being that still for the longest time kinda drains my energy and it might affect my future work progress.

So every 6pm – 7pm ( because that’s the ideal break hours), I’d go out and walk around the city. I avoid inviting people because I kinda wanted to do it alone. I mean, walking at that precise time and place is perfect for solitude. Well, even if I did invited people, I don’t think they’d want to spend the remaining amount of time sweating and tiring yourself around the dirty and noisy streets instead of working to meet the deadline.

I love walking. Especially in urban streets. I guess, when you walk around a city, you don’t really realize how far your walk would be and that makes it less tiring. Everyday, even if you pass the same route, it always feels different. To be honest, I don’t really roam around to observe. I just walk to give myself time to reflect. And with walking, I can pretend I’m actually going someplace important but really I’m just thinking about my life. Because if you stay still and stare blankly into space you’d look like a total nutcase. Also, I cannot afford going to thinking places like coffee shops or restaurants.

It feels even better when you have your music plugged in. It’s a way to avoid awkwardness with yourself and having random conversations with the people you come across with. Now that I’ve mention it, I think its about time that I should start writing about my music these days since a lot of people recommended new artists and it kinda changed my perspective on things.


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