Rendering Completed?

One thing that I regret doing this summer is not keeping a journal with me during the summer camp. Yes, it has finally ended and I’m back home again. My body clock has still not recovered yet but I’ll deal with that later. Anyway, a lot of things that happened there were all worth writing about and it was stupid of me for letting go of the inspiration by not bringing a journal with me. But then again, the fact that there were days I didn’t take a bath proves that I don’t really have that much time to write.

I may talk about some of them in the future but for now, I need more sleep so I’m just gonna cut to chase. It was a success and it truly was stressful and there even came a point where we almost lost hope and we thought we couldn’t finish it. But we did. And I’m really proud of my production team and everyone else because I saw them put great effort in making the films possible.

There were rough days and people were too hot headed and they were bitchin’ each other because of teammate issues and deadlines and troubleshooting problems to deal with but we kinda learned to let them go and turn them into lessons instead of just bad memories. Plus I got to have late night talks with a lot of people.

Also the absence of connection with the outside world (because we only go home on Sundays and the internet connections were kinda faulty and you don’t really have much time to plan things out for other stuff) made me reflect on my life.




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