Research and Development

For the first time, I had fun going far places to research. The summer camp has started and we already spent a night at school. In here, we were divided into groups and then we’d create animated short films and we had to do it in just 2 months.

Part of developing a story is researching all about it. So our group went to go a 2 hour-ride all the way to Buhi because that’s where the story was about.

We spent the whole afternoon circling the famous lake and all the places we passed by were marvelous.


Part of my plan on going to Buhi was to have a sketchwalk. At first it was really fun because the place was inspiring but later on, because of the heat and the hike we were on, there was just too many things to do and I was not in the state of wanting to sit and draw.


Maybe, next time.


I can’t find a good photo but I just have to say that reaching the rock we were sitting at was not easy. We had to climb rock formations. And it was not just a tiring task, it was also really scary because some of the rocks there were really steep and at first glance you’d think that climbing it was impossible unless you’re spiderman.


Then again, maybe at that moment, we became spiderman. Plus, we had these two kids who guided us on where to step and where to go.


We were all exhausted but the day has not yet ended. We went to the docks and rented a boat that would take us to the other side of the lake. The lake was really massive so the ride took like 10 mins.


Also, this is my trying-to-look-excited-but-really-terrified-because-oh-my-god-this-boat-is-so-uncontrollable-and-any-moment-now-we-could-all-go-struggling-for-dear-life-in-the-water. Kinda like that.


I am not really a big fan of boat riding. It gives me anxiety because if you haven’t noticed it yet, the boat is a really sensitive mode of transportation. The slightest movement of your body causes it rock and tilt and almost throw out and what the fuck.


But I survived. We reached the other side but we had to walk for like 20mins to reach the twin waterfalls. I can hear my feet screaming at me every step I take.


I wasn’t able to see this up close because I don’t want my pants to get wet.


Alas, the water reached my knees so you got what happened. After that we went to a really nice place by the lake. We talked about politics in these ruins.


And then we ate in a place not far from there.


And then we went home. My body is still aching up until now but it sure was fun.

God I hope this film is a success. Photos are not mine.


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