Lonely Hearts


I was never at all interested at this anime the first time I saw the art style. I was never a fan of unrealistic hairstyles and really big eyes with too much light reflected on it. Their school uniform looked really uninviting and I thought they were students of a magic school and I thought the plot was all about student adventures but with powers where they kill off shit and I am not ready for that kind of anime.

When I asked for my friend to give me a good, light-hearted anime, I did not really understand why he’d given me this and told me that this is his favorite. Compared to the past animes I’ve watched (I was about to enumerate them but then I had trouble remembering the titles because damn those titles are long), this one looked pretty dark.

But as first impressions would have it, I was, again, wrong.

I’ve come to love the main characters because of their bizzare and intriguing yet realistic commentaries on the society. This show opened the doors for the audience to the themes that are rarely talked about like the isolation oneself in a group when everyone thinks that we all belong. They represent all the loners out there who have a different way of conquering the battlefield of socializing. It might be depressing but that’s how it is and that is how they have survived life.

To be honest, I relate so much on them (seriously, I do). There was a point in my life where I felt the suffocating feeling of loneliness despite being inside a circle of friends. I can’t say that they were horrible friends because they were nicest friends you can have especially when you’ve been alone for quite a while. And yet, I felt like I was in a different environment and it was so hard to adjust that it came to the point where I almost don’t feel like going to school.

I never talked to anyone about that situation afraid of making everyone think that I was ungrateful and that I chose people too much. And I think what everyone doesn’t understand is that sometimes, when it comes to the idea of belonging somewhere, it’s not really about having friends. And it’s sad that they keep forcing loners to make friends when the truth is they don’t really feel like it.

The media has always portrayed that surrounding yourself to people is the happiest thing to do. But sometimes you just feel like staring off to distance and just minding your own business. I don’t experience that kind of situation anymore especially now that I have proper friends but looking back at that, I know that there are people who still feels that way. And all I’ve got to say to them is fuck those people who says what’s best for you and do shit your own way.

I know that whatever that way is, it might not even work, but you know mistake’s good. God, I suck at giving advice.

Anyway, I got carried away again, I almost forgot I was reviewing a show. Going back, there may be unnecessary characters and some things that were left ambiguous (like the fact that they didn’t talk about that fateful accident) but you know, I think that there are things in the universe that must be left unanswered so I’m satisfied, I guess.

The teacher’s (I forgot her name) character was funny and I like the running gag about her age and how she’s single and all that. I can continue talking about the characters but I seriously forgot their names and I’m too lazy to look it up.

But y’all should watch it just to give y’all different perspective.


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