It’s All Written On My Hand

I stare at my grade in Animation 3 that was personally written on my right hand by our professor. Right now, It’s barely recognizable because it was smeared with the sweat manufactured by my hands because of anxiety that has progressed for the past days (just awhile ago, it was unstoppable). Also, my hand was shaking while he was writing it down awhile ago.

We’ve been staying over my friend’s place for the past week just so we could finish our final requirement. We faced a lot of different possible situations in which we thought we would fail. Just like the part where we passed beyond the deadline and it was technically unacceptable but we were lucky enough to be given a chance. And even though our grade in our finals is 65 (yep, that was the harsh lesson we got when it comes to meeting deadlines), we survived this semester.

And I just want to say that the feeling of one semester is equivalent to a year. That’s why, an end of a school year is a big of a deal because of a LOT of growth and character development happened in there for everyone. In fact, I’ve had a few mind blowing revelations I recently found out from my friends.

I have a week to take some rest. Make up for all the hours I forced myself not to doze off. And then after that, Summer Camp. I still have no idea how crazy things are going to get but for now, I just need some time to reboot.

I was about to say, that I missed my bed and stuff like that and then I realized, My mom bought a new bed because the old one felt like we lived in a stable. So right now, I shall experience for the first time sleeping in an actual bed. Which is the best reward I ever had from all of these. My mom really understands my needs.

Life’s little pleasures.



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