Just One Shade of Sickness

It was really painful to watch not just because of all the whipping but also because of how awful in general the film was. I was cringing on my seat just seeing rape. It’s rape, I’m telling you. What? You think that having a contract of consent is going to validate the idea that the girl is enjoying what she’s gotten into?

Look, for me, the idea of rape is simple: When someone touches you in a way that is provocative and is making you uncomfortable and you’re not happy with it and that person persists, it’s rape. Even if you don’t say anything about it or you are forced to say yes and you submit to it despite of how much you’re against it, it’s rape. Even if that person is someone you love, may it be a family or friend or even your partner, it’s rape.

Okay, maybe she did enjoy herself but I still think that the film was bullshit. It was a bad movie out of an already bad installment. Yes, it was a fanfiction of the Twilight series. If you don’t know what a fanfiction is, it’s a series of stories that fans create out of their favorite films/tv shows/animes/books/video games/celebrities. Usually they create fantasies of their favorite characters and write about them.

So the fact that its idea came out of a badly reviewed series, it has already given me a hint that it’s not gonna be any better. The characters were boring. They didn’t have depth. They were a couple one dimensional, weak characters. Anastasia Steele was another weak, dependent woman who needs a powerful, perfect man to live. I propose that we should remove these types of characters on women because it gives the society the standard of what a woman is because that is not what we are, thank you very much.

And who’s the one character the people are blaming? The girl, Anastasia Steele because she was stupid enough to follow him around. And if she was didn’t stray and was careful enough, this wouldn’t have happened to her. It’s always the girl’s fault and not the actual monster who have preyed 15 others. Nope, because let’s let this perv run wild and free while everyone else adjust to his madness.

The immense objectification of Christian Grey on Anastasia Steele is disgusting. Not just because of his obscene ways of finding pleasure but also of how he uses all these grand gifts to buy Anastasia’s attention. Okay, maybe it might not be the reason why she fell for him (god knows what reason), but you know, if I was to give advice to him, I’d say that a real conversation with him and an ample amount of time to spend with him would be nicer and less hassle than a car or macbook or a plane ride. Just sayin. Plus, he’s controlling and possessive. How dare he say to Anastasia to go home when she was in that bar having fun with her friends.

Also, I didn’t feel compassion for him for having a shitty past. I understand what he’s been through but I don’t really think it’s an excuse for being a sadistic asshole.

And the fact that they didn’t really had that deep relationship (like what humans do—get-to-know each other first and stuff like that) and suddenly they were already in love?! who…how? wAt?

The Dominant and the Submissive? REALLY? oh spanking? how’d you like if I kick you on the balls?

It’s not the type of film you’ll recommend to anyone. It’s just plain awful and people just watched it because it’s porn in high definition.


3 thoughts on “Just One Shade of Sickness

      1. vaughncarlo

        I have a classmate named Felinor who fantasize about this movie so much. I’ll let her read this to piss her off. *wink wink. Love your blog, keep it coming! 🙂

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