Nobody had any idea how they end up sitting together by a lake. In fact, both have no idea who each other was yet both felt the same comfort from each other’s presence as if they knew each other for a long time.

The girl offered the boy a pack of cigarettes. She knew she’s been smoking for awhile. And yet she can’t remember since when.

“Thanks. ” says the boy as he took one. As he was putting it in his mouth the girl took out the lighter from her pocket.

“Oh no, I’m good.” says the boy quickly.

The girl raised an eyebrow but put the lighter back anyway. And then she smiled.

“Is that supposed to be a statement or something?”

The boy smiled back. He shifted his position and gazed at his cigarette as he held it between his fingers. “It used to. But I suppose, I just grown quite accustomed to this habit even if that statement doesn’t matter anymore. Also, I never really liked smoking.”

He glanced at her packed of cigarettes. “No offense.”

“None taken. I’m not really that passionate about smoking. People think about me that way, but it’s not true at all. It’s like…breathing, you know. You don’t love it but you kinda need it and so you do it and you don’t think about breathing that much. ”

“I knew someone who thinks about breathing that much.” he quietly replied.

For some reason, the girl understood that whoever that was, he was longing for that person. She reached for that lighter in her pocket and gave it to the boy.

The boy gave her a smile and took it. She leaned on his shoulder and they silently looked back at the life they had.


I kinda made a story of this idea I had awhile ago of Augustus Waters and Alaska Young having a conversation about cigarettes in their afterlife. This would probably my 3rd “fanfiction” in my lifetime and no I don’t even want to talk about the first two (I co-wrote them with a friend when we were 15).


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