I Broke The Chain woo-hooo


I’m a bit…disappointed of my lack of commitment. At the beginning of the year, I challenged myself with this. It’s something I learned from Charlie McDonnell in which he learned from the internet in which the internet learned from Jerry Seinfeld. Here I printed out this particular calendar and I promised myself that I had to read everyday. Any book that I like.  And in everyday that I do that task, I’d get to put a big fat  “X” on the corresponding date I did it.

In the first few weeks, It was easy. I was reading books more than I needed to. It was probably because I was still on Christmas break and I was excited about the whole idea. But then things started to fall apart at the start of February. I had a hard time catching up because there were days when I literally didn’t sleep because I needed to finish stuff. And so on the 22nd of February, I’ve forgotten all about it. And on the days after that, the calendar hung unmarked.

I don’t believe this. 2 months. 2 MONTHS. My commitment span couldn’t be any shorter. I was expecting it to be like at least…half a year? What is this? This is just a slap to my face and to the promises I cannot keep and to the expectations I keep on making.

So I had to tear it down to avoid the feeling of spite against myself for not doing a simple task that is reading. Although it did help me with motivation. I was just not dedicated enough.

Right now, I still don’t know what to do with this big empty space on my wall (that is starting to get really distracting). Come to think of it, it’s can be a metaphor of what my life probably is at this moment.

lol. what now.


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