About Love and Bitterness

To be honest, I find Valentine’s Day a really fascinating event and I was never at all bitter about it. The world is just filled with the juiciest acts of valor from people in letting the whole world know about who they love and how much they love them. And with the help of stuff like cards, giant teddy bears and flowers, which is abundant on the streets at this time of year, the acts of endearment are acknowledged and not at all laughed at.

This is the day people get to celebrate love and I believe there is nothing to be bitter about it. Human beings have the capability of empathy and care and putting others before themselves even if it can destroy them and I think it’s just right that we have this one day of commemorating it.

Yes, it may be associated with people in a relationship, well so what? It’s just a fucking day. Why not stop ranting about whatever it is that you don’t have and start being happy for those two people over there with their god knows how much they’ve been through. Those two people who, like the millions of people all around that world, has got loads of stories that can either entertain or inspire anyone who listens.

In my observation, Valentine’s day among the people around me suddenly creates this idea that being in a relationship is too mainstream and that being single is making it’s way as the trend and the new cool thing. I don’t have anything against whatever status anyone has. It’s just that, why should we  make a sort-of competition among the statuses like they’re fighting for a throne or something? It’s sad because suddenly there’s a division and without realizing it, we are all losers whichever part we belong. It’s either we belong to the uncool couples or the bitter singletons.

It’s all a matter of respect. I look forward to the day we evolve to that.


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