Defending Drinking Buddies

drinking-buddies06 I watched Drinking Buddies starring Jake Johnson and Olivia Wilde for the second time and I think it just gives the right amount of justice it deserves if I talk about how come this is one of my favorite romantic flicks. Also, majority of the people I’ve had conversations about it found it either really boring or just an ‘okay’ film. Only 2 people who are worthy and cool enough found it awesome. So I’m here to defend the film with honor and just let everyone know that it’s an amazing film and you’re a bitch if you hate it.

Okay, that was an overreaction. I have a strong belief that everyone is entitled to say their own opinions without being judged.

Right. So the film is about these two best friends who’s got a relationship of their own and then things happened where their relationship as best friends gets to put into a sort of test because even though sex didn’t happen between them (despite of the abundance of beer), a little bit of flirting was obvious. And the story rolls around there.

The fact that the main characters, Kate and Luke, did not really hook with up with each other despite of them being utterly close and being absolutely attractive is one of the greatest points of why I liked. Sex and making out between friends having secret affections with each other at the climax of a romantic film is overrated. They did a little flirting, at least we thought it could be flirting because the actors were so good at acting as if they were pretending to not be flirting because they’re friends and one of them is in a relationship and we all know how hard it is to act as if you’re pretending because you’re already pretending in the first place. Did I just say that without pausing? Yes. Yes, I did.

Also, did I mention that the entire film was improvised?

And I think it’s great story because it’s relatable because let’s face it. Deep down, we all have that one friend we seriously almost thought we’d actually hook up with. No, I’m not saying we might have feelings for them. It just so happens that their hair is on the right place or you suddenly notice they have gorgeous eyes or you were a little more drunk than you thought. Those tiny things that triggers the hormones and could fuck you up if you were not careful.

And I liked them hanging out because they look so fun and everything but I didn’t want them to end up being together because it would ruin the whole story. And that’s exactly what the creators did and I’m so happy because it’s a rare thing whenever I wish for something in a film and it turns out exactly the opposite of it and it’s really frustrating.

The movie really made a point that not everything is how we thought it’s would be despite of all the possibilities. And that’s what it is in real life. I liked the fact that the characters understood each others’ struggles despite of not saying it directly to their face. The script was simple. No big quotations. The entire film was actually improvised and it’s really fascinating that they pulled it off through the acting.

The film also shows that it’s cool that people can remain friends even though they kinda have secret affections for each other. Even though they kinda, almost “got there” and yet they chose not to cross that line. And that showed what real friendship can be. That’s why I liked it so much and that’s why for me, it’s not boring at all.



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