Nomads Seeking for Sunrise and Cool Things

Remember the time when I talked about the three best nights of my life? Well, last night happened to be the fourth one. It was a celebration for our graduating friends for winning the MMFF New Wave in the animation category and last night, we decided to drink to it.

Now, it was a fun, chill get together. I was able to the fulfill this ritual I came up with myself I named The Alaska Dream as part of the celebration of Alaska Young Day. That ritual included alcohol, cigarettes and mountain dew and I’m planning to polish it and make it an annual thing for myself. But the best part of that night happened when everyone decided to go home. Inspired by The Alaska Dream, three of us came up with The Before Sunrise Dream. We all decided not to go to sleep and just spend the entire night strolling along the city talking about deep stuff and just wait for the sunrise to come.

3:00 am.  Everyone was going home except for the three of us. We were all determined to accomplish our small plan so we started walking from this 24-hour restaurant to go to this church where we thought there was grass to lay on to. But we barely made it halfway because we were all pretty tired and drowsy so we decided to just sit by the side of the street illuminated by a lamp post. There, we reminisced about freshmen year in college and high school days.

3:30 am.  We didn’t stay there that long because that night I was having a weird time with my bladder and kept having this urge to pee almost every 20 mins so we went to a fast food restaurant because I cannot hold it any longer. After that we were really tired but we don’t want to go home yet. We just wanted to lay down for a while so we decided to stay outside this cathedral nearby and just enjoy the cloudy sky.

4:00 am.  It was still very dark outside but a mass was already going on. We laid down on the biggest jacket we had and covered ourselves with another jacket. Accompanied by a cool playlist, we talked more about stuff like death, missions in life, drugs, little things and spirits. We also tried to come up with images from clouds. Sadly, there weren’t any stars and the moon was not that beautiful because it was in waning gibbous but it was okay because the feeling of just seeing it without any obstructions was amazing.

5:00 am.  At that time, the alcohol was already wearing off and we started to feel the cold. And the next thing we knew, our bodies we chilling and we found ourselves in a huddle. We tried changing our positions in way we get to occupy every space between us to lessen the cold. We didn’t have any more chance to talk more because one of us dozed off so we just stared at the moon and listen to a Taylor Swift song called Wildest Dreams in the background.  And did I mention it was cold as fuck I thought we would experience hypothermia?

5:30 am.  We’ve been in that place for one and half hour. Until the lights went on and we needed to find some place to stay because people started to arrive also the cold is now almost unbearable. Then we decided to go to church because we thought it’s warmer there. It was stupid of us not realize that we sat near the doorway where the wind obviously passes through but we didn’t have any other choice because the homily was starting.

Now funny thing happened in there: There was a part in the mass where we had to stand up and sing. The three of us were just really drowsy and we were trying our best to stay awake. But I guess the best was not enough for one of us because she suddenly dropped to her seat. We were all startled with what happened. I thought she passed out and I was almost in panic but when I looked at her and saw that the moment she dropped, she stood back up, we all lost it. And we were trying really hard to laugh silently at that mass. She fell asleep while standing up and we’ve been laughing at that scene all the way out of the church (I even made a snort while writing this).

6:00 am.  We walked and walked and the sun was already up. We went looking for some coffee and some place to pee because I’ve been holding it for a really long time. We stayed in for coffee for 30 mins and then we went home.

It was a fun night. I guess we fulfilled The Before Sunrise Dream (except for the sex in the grass part) in a way. And I’m looking for more nights like this.

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