A Toast?

Well, New Year just happened. And it was not as fun as last year because one, it was raining so people didn’t really went out that much and two, my dad and my brother celebrated new year at some other place so there was just three of us. Anyway, we tried making the most of it despite of the house being a LOT quieter. And I think we turned out okay. I mean my mom is in the living room right now watching Frozen and my sister’s asleep and I’m in my computer. so…yeah.

Oh come on, the enthusiasm that we have on New Year’s Eve does not guarantee our happiness for the whole year. Eventually, everyone’s going to forget what they even ate on New Year’s Eve. So, let it go (yep, my mom’s still watching Frozen).

So this year, like any other year, has been important. A LOT of things happened. This is the year I had produced the most creative juice since the day I started acknowledging myself as an artist. I have improved my drawings and I kept up with my blog and I even made films with my friends. This is also the year I had the courage of sharing them to the world via online. This is the year when I became really aware of the political issues that’s happening in the society. And this is the year I learned to lessen my apathy towards these issues. This is also the year when I tried out things that I never imagined myself doing and I didn’t regret any one of those. This is the year I learned the importance of doing the best in everything I do. And this is the year I truly cared about people and by that I probably mean either being really noble or really stupid.

This year has been a blast and I hope that the coming one is crazier. And if it does turn out to be crazy, I hope that I can handle it. I’m not THAT excited but I do have plans this year and I think that’s cool because there’s something to look forward to.

So, here’s a toast? To new beginnings and to life and to everything that is to be celebrated right now.

oh and my birthday is coming up. yey.


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