Christmas Night with The Kids

Yesterday, which was Christmas Day, I spent the entire night at my friend’s place along with few of my friends from childhood. My friend has got an extra bottle of booze from last night’s drink with his sister and he wanted to gather some people to drink it with him. Of course, we became his first option because all of us live in the same town and were just a couple of minutes away from his house. Plus, it’s been a while since the last time our small group hung out.

We talked about a LOT of things. All those years we spent in that small, public elementary school in a town where we lived most of our lives, it was like the ultimate throwback. We talked about the teachers who taught us more about cleaning than their actual lessons. We talked about the most creative role plays we came up with. We talked about the competitions we went. We talked about the embarrassing punishments we faced. We even talked about the people we bullied (yes, I had to admit, I was a bit of a bitch back then).

Relevant story about bullying, we had this classmate and we pestered her for like, her entire 3 years of being in our class and our friend told us that just recently, in a subject in which she was her classmate, that girl that we bullied opened this up to everyone in that class and poured out her bitterness towards all her bullies (which includes us). And our friend told us how awful and awkward it felt to her because everybody knows they were classmates in elementary.

Anyway, before we felt awful of ourselves because of what we have done, she added that, we bullies, became that girl’s inspiration to strive in her life and study harder and all that stuff. So I guess it wasn’t bad at all(?) I mean, I’m not endorsing bullying to motivate everyone to do better in our studies but well…to be honest I don’t really know what to feel about it. I’m just glad that it’s all in the past and we’re not that mean anymore. I hope.

Aside from that we also wondered when is this going to happen again. Because, seriously finding time is getting harder and harder to achieve as we reach our last years in college. But deep down, I guess we’ll manage. We always find ways to reach one another. My sister once told me that she envies us because she don’t see much of her classmates in elementary as often as we do. My mom is also happy that we never changed one bit. Our parents knows every one of us and I think they’re all cool with us as well.

We’ve been friends for more than a decade and seeing ourselves getting all red and tipsy while we talked about our pasts made me think how lucky I am to be friends with these people. I mean, they belong to the longest friendships I ever had. I’ve seen them grow boobs and deepen their voices and achieve some height and change their hair. It was these people who witnessed all the lamest and most shameful decisions I made when I was a kid and it would still be them who would remember them all and laugh at me when they do.

Yep. These were from 6th grade to summer of 2012 to last night. Just look how time flies.


who would have thought we were a bunch of these adorbs?



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