Gratitude On Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and while I wait for my project in animation to get rendered (yes, we still have projects on days like Christmas), I decided to pass by and say my thanks because, well, it’s Christmas, it’s like the only time in the world where I get to say the things I’m grateful of without feeling awkward and cheesy.

Mom and dad would probably be the first people I would thank. Obviously. But you know, they’re like the bravest and the strongest people I know. The things that they have encountered are equivalent to facing the dark lord I’m not even kidding. So they deserve to be thanked first.  And to my siblings for not being a pain in the ass this year. I’d like to say I’m proud for their gradual maturity.

I’m also thankful of the friends I still have. I’m happy that they did not turn out to be total bitches and have not forgotten me despite of our schedules and locations being worlds apart. I’m thankful of the days and the little chances that I get to spend time with them. I’m thankful of the friends I made this year. That includes the people I’ve known for a long time but did not really know them that well and this year has given me the chance to be close to them. I’m thankful for the moments I got to connect with them. May it be just a short but meaningful drink or everyday annoying but cherished insults.

I’m thankful for surviving the death defying grades on my subjects this year. In fact, I am thankful for the lessons that I learned. You see how I removed the contractions and how I used “I am” instead of “I’m”? That means I’m serious.

I’m thankful for the days I thought of not giving up and not letting the things that scare me get me down. I’m thankful for the people who inspired me (teachers, musicians, artist, random people on the internet) to be a little more creative and actually live my life.

I’m thankful for the tv shows I’ve discovered this year and the movies I’ve obsessed with. Also to the artists I found and the music I started to appreciate.

So as you may have noticed, my paragraphs are starting to get short that obviously means I’m starting to get lazy. I’m just thankful, you know what I mean? This year has been a beautiful one. There’s been a lot of stories I’d like to tell everyone someday.

Funny thing about Christmas is that it’s something I anticipate for months and when it finally comes, I feel like it’s just another night. It’s now past midnight and I’m still in front of my laptop, still scrolling through my dash, still waiting for my project to render. Our family doesn’t really follow the Christmas dinner at midnight. We just eat at 7. Typical night except the food is a lot more festive.

Anyway, before this goes off to another topic, I’d like to greet everyone Merry Christmas.


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