We were talking about taking filming more seriously and that we should probably start by coming up with a proper production name. We had a hard time focusing because can’t stop making jokes one after another so we still ended up with a nameless production team.

While we were having our regrets on procrastinating over a such a simple task, my friend and I realized something funny. The whole time we’ve been making and planning films, we realized all of them were stories involving love. What’s even funny is that all of us are not even in a relationship and majority of us (that’s 2 out of 3) was never even in a relationship yet.

And my friend went on saying maybe we’re just a bunch of hopeless romantic freaks who’s probably just broken inside that’s why we keep on fantasizing about these scenarios of people falling in love. Adding to that statement, I told him, what if the three of us has this hole inside us that the only thing that could fill that hole is love and since we haven’t got one, the alternative is filling it with these films.

Whatever the reason may be, it sure is helpful boosting up our creativity so I guess I’m probably thankful to that.

The talks about love did not end there (I guess was watching too much cornetto cupidity short films for the past couple of days). Last night while we were hanging out at my friend’s house, another friend of mine was talking about little things over grand gestures.

I salute grand gestures and those people who’s got the courage of showing to the world how much a person means to them but I gotta say I kinda prefer the little things over it. I like the idea of the little efforts in everyday a person gets to spend time with someone they love. Whether it may be as simple as adding an extra time in their schedules just to give room for the person they love or just making them a cup of coffee in a cold, rainy morning. Just the consistency of those endearing little actions and saying true things is enough to signal a person their importance in someone’s world.

But I guess it doesn’t really matter which is preferable. We show love in our own ways and I guess the idea that we do them is what’s important.

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