The Mainstream Music Challenge: Justin Bieber

I haven’t got a class today so I took this opportunity of being alone at home and do the thing I would never dare do when someone’s watching.

Watch Justin Bieber videos and Listen to Justin Bieber music.


It’s a challenge I came up with myself that I would select 5 most hated mainstream artists and try to learn as much as I can about them. That includes listening to their albums, watching their music videos and reading their biographies. Maybe this challenge shall give me a chance to actually experience their music and try to understand the people who dedicate their lives to them just as much as I dedicate my life to my favorite people.

So the first artist I chose is Justin Bieber. I was 14 when he emerged to pop culture with his hit song “One Time”. I seriously thought he was a girl and that the song is going to be another cute pop song for a boy. But then listening to it as often as I planned to made me realize what the lyrics actually say and that the kid singing this was a boy. Before I realize it, he’s just everywhere. And you know the feeling when you just surprise yourself with how much you know the lyrics of an artist you’re not even a fan of because of how much you hear them in everyday of your life, it’s just crazy.

I think I had to agree he has talent. I mean I just can’t deny that because you don’t see 2-year-olds playing drums everyday. And even though he likes repeating lyrics over and over again and that the words that he put on his music does not really touch my heart, some of his songs especially those that topped the charts are just damn catchy I couldn’t help singing along. When it comes to physical attractiveness, I just have to say that he really did improve himself. I mean he got rid of that annoying hair and he started working out. The bone structures are coming out.  And the tattoos are pretty cool. And the platinum blond hair color looks awesome. So you know, he didn’t really turn out to still look like a girl when he reached his 20’s like I thought he would.

And about his attitude, it’s true that he’s still a kid and that he’s just like any of us–he’s making mistakes, he learns from it. Also the media is just doing everything in its power to chew famous people up and spit them to nothingness and it’s a pity seeing teenagers as famous as him deal with that. But it does not really give him or anyone an excuse to be irresponsible. I mean, he’s a public figure and there’s a lot of people who’s looking up to him and it’s like a responsibility for him to be a good role model especially to kids these days.

So to finish this entry in which I wrote almost 500 words for Justin Bieber omygod I don’t recognize myself anymore lol, he’s okay, I didn’t turn myself into a “Belieber” like I feared I would, but I think I just gave him the criticism he deserves from me.

So yeah next stop, One Direction.


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