Here’s To The November Kids: Kat


And for my final entry of this year’s November Kids, there’s you. The whitest bitch in town. One of the sweetest person I know. Thank you for the stories. Thank you for the every day insults and Thank you for being my friend. You always have a way of showing affection to the people around you and I’m taking this chance to acknowledge that.  I want you to know that I am deeply moved by every remark of how much you missed me everytime we see each other after a long period of time. I want you to know I appreciate that.

You’re the one big example in my life on how everyone in this world should give a chance to really know everyone else because they don’t know the remarkable things that’s coming to them. Bottomline is I’m happy that I got to know you.

I know we rarely see each other but you know I’m always here for you. You know I’ll be listening to whatever you want to talk about. You know I’m HERE. 🙂 Happy Birthday, Katrina.


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