Wait What

Daily Prompt: Waiting Room

Being a big fan of Doctor Who, the concept waiting has given positive views to my perspective in life. Like it’s some kind of a virtue to be willing to wait for something or someone even if it takes for, let’s say, a 1,000 years like the last centurion who guarded the pandrica’s box (Oh, Rory I wish you were my boyfriend). The character of Amy Pond was given the title of “the girl who waited” because of her patience and endurance when it comes to waiting for the doctor.

And with that, this show has shown me the nobility of waiting and how important it is that we, human beings, need to understand the concept of staying put and trusting that something or someone to do things their way for the good of everything. It’s all about trust. It’s the make and break of trust. That’s the reason why, sometimes, when things don’t happen the same way we expect it to and we’re not happy about it, despite how long we have been waiting, we feel the sense of betrayal.

That’s why, we also have to understand that sometimes, we don’t have to sit around and do nothing when we can actually get up and change the rest of our lives. When we feel that things are not right anymore, we have to take a step back and look at how our lives went after all that waiting. And if there is really something wrong, we need to do something about it.


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