We’re All About Spacey Wacey


Watched Intersellar last night with a couple of my high school friends (and a college friend who decided to tag along with us). It has been a while since we actually planned a date for us to spend time with each other and I’m really happy we were able to pull it off despite of classes and shit that needs to get done.

The film was epic. It was worth watching because of how much I loved films involving time and space (because Doctor Who). There were a few flaws in which I’m not really in the mood on talking about because laziness is just like a disease, I realized that now. No matter how much I want to describe what I felt about the movie, my body seems to ignore that and just decides to focus on other things that are easier to do. I just hope things like these doesn’t happen if actual work is involved.

I’ve been busy watching season 2 of American Horror Story (in which the opening theme is the fucking scariest opening theme I’ve encountered in my history of obsessing over tv series). So far, I’m in 9th episode and hoping to reach the finale by next week. And speaking of next week, ADAAF (Animation Festival) is coming up so we’re busy preparing for it. Last year, I made an entry about it and it’s fun. I hope it’s much better this year. Our stop motion film was nominated by the way, that’s great. yey.


revising our storyboards.


can i just say that this year’s adaaf poster is rad?

Until now, we haven’t edited our film from Daet yet. And we still have a film in mind that we shall probably be doing by the end of November. That sucks. But hey, I think it’s cool we’re actually planning on something. I just hope that we could actually do it.

Christmas is a month away. And then year’s about to end. Man, how time flies fast.


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