Dog Ears

I found this article in asking is it okay to dog ear your pages?


I’ve always hated the habit of dog-earing the pages of a book. Especially my books. I hated how much trouble it is for some people to look for a bookmark or remember the page number or just simply look for what part of the book they’re in. Like seriously, these things are not really that exasperating that it would take a great time and effort to do them.

To be honest, I love the look of worn-out books because it shows how useful it has been to people as it has been passed on to many hands. This look shows how much the book went from one personality to another. This look just basically shows how much the book went through before it gets to be in another person’s hands again.

Those cracked spines, the scratches, the unidentified blotches, the underlines on favorite lines and the tiny notes written on margins–these I seriously enjoyed these things. But dog-eared pages? That’s a fucking torture. That’s ruining something really wonderful. I hate the moment when I open a book, It goes straight to that particular dog-eared page that does not even contain the part I was looking for! And it’s so frustrating that I cannot unfold it because it’ll just come back to being dog-eared again! It’s already there! And imagine having a book with too much dog-eared pages. Might as well throw it!

I’m kidding I won’t throw a good book just because of its conditions from the horrible hands of whoever asshole borrowed it. Although I wouldn’t second guess on throwing it on you.



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