And I Don’t Know How It Gets Better Than This

I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift’s 1989 album for over a week now and IT’S THE BEST THE TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM EVER. Okay, I have to admit, a few years ago, before all the punk rock bands and tattooed boys in skinny jeans with their sexy piercings and guitar riffs – before all that, I was just this little girl, happy being inside this tiny circle of pop and overrated music. Without any knowledge of the numerous group of musicians who would change my life forever.

One of the artists I had on my playlist that time was this tall girl with curly blonde hair who sings cute pop and country songs about boys and her dress swaying as she plays her guitar. That was Taylor Swift five years ago. And that was me drowning myself to her songs about princesses and white horses and small towns and pictures to burn and kisses in the rain and teardrops on guitars what the fuck. I knew those lyrics by heart (and I might sing along when I hear one even to this day). And omygod  I remember her website back then which look a lot like this:


and I remember checking this out in a 15 peso per hour internet cafe because wifi was beyond my knowledge at that time. And I wouldn’t know how to play guitar because of this girl. When I was 14, I remember I was enduring the pain on my fingers (that would later on turn into callouses) as I press the guitar strings with all my might just so I could strum a tune. And I remember the first song I ever played was Fearless (D-A-Em-G).

I didn’t really hate her as years went by and better artists came to my life. In fact, I still praise her simplicity when it comes to her lyrics— that’s the main reason I loved her in the first place. Seeing her music evolve as years come and go, I start to see myself growing up in it. I mean, It’s not that I actually relate to her issues on her past boyfriends but the evident change in her style of music sort of reminds me how I was before. That might not make sense but, I just want to say that Taylor Swift will always have a space in my heart. It sounds cheesy but she has been a huge part of my pre-teen era and despite of my pre-teen era being the lamest era of my life, I wouldn’t be standing here where I am right now without it.


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