Here’s to The November Kids : Ja


You’re like one of the greatest artists I know. The evolution of your art is an inspiration to everyone. You know how to get our conversations going with your mind-blowing philosophical mumbles and modern society rants. Despite of you being a hopeless romantic (in my observation based from your awesome tales of love and loss), I don’t actually find it annoying because your insights about things like love are extremely interesting.

Continue making recommendations on films because your taste is one of the few that I actually trust. Thank you for listening to the things I bitch about even though they’re pointless and immature. Thank you for sharing your opinions, rants and random stories. And I’m sorry for being a bitch sometimes when I say rude things to you just to contradict your viewpoint.

Know that I can be there when you need someone and that I hope you find happiness.

Happy Birthday, man.


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