The Free Ghost


I just got home from my friend’s place after watching The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Now, I’m not here to make reviews about it but I have to say it’s highly recommended because of its cool courtroom drama and terrifying belief on the curse of waking up at 3 in the morning (which didn’t really affect me anymore because I’m used to staying awake until that time whenever I do school activities and no scent of burning, no contractions of the body and no Latin phrases occurred during that period).

I’ve watched the film for so many times that my stand on the fear scale in horror movies is getting lower every time. That being said, when I participated on the film viewing just to scare ourselves, I was more entertained in watching my friends shriek, bury their faces on pillows and cover their eyes every time suspense is on move. Man, their faces are priceless.


My friend and I had just had our first real talk after almost a year and a half of being too casual to each other after the shitty things that has happened to us that made us drift away from each other. Back then, we were almost inseparable. We always had each other’s back when things fail at school or people are just full of shit. We were friends.

And then I fucked up. And so things started to fuck up. And everything got awkward after that even though we both said we’re sorry and we’re okay. We just became these two people who says polite “hellos” to each other every time we cross path. And I can’t help but feel regret to every moment when she goes one step further and I miss one lesser known fact about her life until we become two different people and we haven’t got any idea who we are anymore. I regret every moment of those.

I never thought she’d come back. I was so close of accepting the fact that things have changed and these are the ripples of effect from the crappy decisions I made. But still, we were a given chance. And that’s all I’ve ever hoped for and there it is.

Time to catch up.


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