We Went To Daet for This?

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Actually we went to make a music video that we shall be releasing by next week, I think. Gosh after a couple of pathetic appeals to my mom just to ask for her permission, finally I was able to go to the place that has already invited me a couple of months ago but I didn’t go because there was a typhoon hovering over the region so ugh.

Anyway the one night and two days stay in Daet was really fun and productive. I was finally able to reach Bagasbas beach (that we shall be featuring in our film). Also, the Earl’s burger which is located just by the beach is highly recommended. And then we went to a Japanese surplus shop. I bought a Darth Vader keychain and a Dyno torch (a mechanically powered flashlight).

I’m not really in the mood to go into details about what happened. To be honest I just got home and I’m kinda tired. So I’ll probably just be posting our film in a couple of days if this laziness continues.

It’ll probably look like this:


Paul Echano  did the photos and everything. He’s a really hot person and he’s just too cool to level with because his photography and shit is rad. I wish I was him. We all do.


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