Itch and Urge

Found this in my old notes…

September 21, 2014

There has to be something I have to write about. The keys of this laptop are pulling my fingers giving me the itch to start typing something. But what? It’s not that I have an idea because I really don’t.

Awhile ago, I was planning to watch Doctor Who but then I changed my mind and went straight to our PC and start playing a game because I told myself I need to do some sort of activity not just stay dormat and watch something. But then after dinner when I was about to sit on the computer, I realized I’m not really in the mood to go racing (I was playing Need for Speed). I went to my laptop and opened the folder containing the Detectctive Conan episodes. I opened episode 61 but I closed it again.

There is something I have to do. No, not Maya. It’s something I want to do at the same time. And I’m having a bit of a trouble figuring it out. It seems that I was really craving to do the previous activities it’s just that there is a much more important activity that I should be doing. This is so weird. My guess is I feel like I should be writing something but what?

You know how the keys of the laptop is so fun to press on compared to the keyboard? That short and modern sensation on the tips of your fingers. And that beautiful sound everytime you write words with it? “tst tst tst…” It’s sound so full of ideas. It’s not the same sound as the normal keyboard, “tak tak tak…” No. It’s sounds young and quick.

The problems is how do you keep that sound on going on? How do pour ideas to you fingers just to feel those keys? You can’t just type random letters. It would sound…different. The words had to contain something.

Is this what happens when I’m off to the internent for so many days? What is this? A mental disorder?

I guess… I had to go back to episode 61 and let my mind wander to another show.


2 thoughts on “Itch and Urge

  1. Atherz097

    First person I know ever to talk briefly about the sound the keys make on the keyboard. 🙂 My keyboard makes more of a “dak dak” sound, very hard and the sound means business. When I used my laptop for much of the same purposes, it was much more of a “tk tk tak tklklklk”, softer, but more sudden and quicker.


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