War Is Over My Friends and now what?

I survived the hell week. I hope you understand the feeling of exiting your department office’s door with a feeling of ease and freedom after submitting all your requirements for finals. It’s like all the responsibilities for the first semester are left in that air-conditioned room and you’re finally embracing the 2 weeks of semestral break (well, actually I will be in the office the whole time, so it’s a bummer. BUT, I’m free from the sleepless nights. I can now watch the unwatched films rotting in my hard drive). Also, the stop motion we’ve been stressing about for 4 months, got qualified in the 26th GAWAD CCP Film Fest despite of our lack of confidence. Yey.

Anyway, I am looking forward for our next film that we’ll be making next week. and the other invitations I got from my friends. I feel like we’ve been to a war and that now is the time to rest and have fun. Seriously, it has been a tiring semester and we all just need a break.

But still, I don’t want this semestral break to be unproductive. That’s why I’m still thinking of a way to put myself to use and prevent myself from not living a life. I want to learn something or create something. I just want to pick something I love and make something from it since I have all the time  I need right now. But how do I do that while inside an office just waiting my time to off duty? ugh. I’m thinking of writing or reading? Because those are the only options I have. I just hope I can overcome my laziness. Because that’s going to be a problem.


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