Too Soon?

It was a sudden spring of wonderfulness. Chest escalating and parts of you dancing to a rhythm that you’re not even familiar with. No wonder how you suck at dancing. and then you see the sudden burst of colors around you and you can hear music when that person speaks. and there’s no hint of incredulity or second thoughts. You just have to go for it.

and then you suddenly confuse yourself with the consequences of your actions afterwards.

How long  would you keep on looking back and reflect on the series of events that happened on that particular rainy day? How long would you connect the dots and make idealistic assumptions with regards to that person’s actions? How long would you scroll through your playlist and choose the right songs to play in your head just to experience the existence of that person? How long would you unconsciously check your phone every once in a while to make sure you’re still in a conversation? How long would you lay and drown yourself to that person’s smell? How long would you consume your time in that particular place just so you could be there? How long would you occupy the spaces between the two of you just to be as close as you can?

How long would you glance at those lips and think of the days that could be but can’t? And imagine a  whole future that can never be lived?

Never have I felt the inarguable injustice of the truth getting slapped to your face and there’s nothing you can do about it but nod and express your agreement. And I know that these things are new to you and that these things are happening way too fast and that it’s just all too overwhelming and you are so fucked up, kid. you are so full of shit. And no matter how much you deny to yourself about what you really feel, there is no escaping the fact that you are so fuckity fucked up and that it’s too painful to let it all go and forget.

Why did all these things have to be exposed too soon. Why do you have to deal with all this in just a matter of days? If this shall cause pain why not let you experience the most of it and hold on to these emotions for the longest time. Why now?

and you were just talking about attachments awhile ago and there you are.


6 thoughts on “Too Soon?

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