The Birthday Note

“And here’s to the easiest person to love. Nothing is more genuine than her laughter. And the sweetest thing anyone could spend their time with. And I have to agree, she does compare to a sunshine. For whatever reason she may have on why she entrusts me with the stories of her life right from the start, I am forever grateful for it just as much as I am grateful for her with listening to mine. I hope that happiness surrounds her because she’s a one tough tiny person who deserves it.”

Did I ever tell you that one paragraph is not enough to tell you how important it is that you get to be acknowledged on the day of your birthday? Well, I had not thought about it until last night when I was lying on the pile of pillows that don’t feel like pillows at all.

At that time, I realized that I really didn’t had the chance to blurt out “Happy Birthday” to you or even give you a motherfucking message on how much you are special to me. And I feel guilty about that since you’re this really sweet person who’s just got so much love to give. So I’m taking this chance of saying the things that I usually feel awkward to say to you in person. I’m taking this chance while I still have time and I still have the inspiration. I’m taking this chance while these thoughts are still in my heart and mind and close to the tips of my fingers where I just have to type this all in. I’m taking this chance because this time is perfect. Perfect, because you’re probably through reading other messages from your friends. It’s time to hear mine. Here goes.


You’re important and that I’m sorry because I don’t usually say it but i hope you know it. My mouth may be full of rants and unpleasant opinions about you and the things you do but deep down I really am just happy that I get to spend time with you and listen to your stories. You care so much to people that it’s feels so awful whenever you tell a sad story and that there’s nothing I could do about it but just…be there and listen to let you know I’m on your side.

Whatever you’re facing right now, how much pain that’s still there, dwelling inside you, may it be just little or too much, it’ll pass. These things will just be stories in the end. And before you know it, you’re just this another person having another issues having another set of emotions but those people that has been there around you throughout love and loss, will still be there listening, comforting and never letting you face those stuff alone. And I want you to know that I’ll be one of those people. Because no matter how much I distort my face to imply my disagreement to whatever you say or do, you can always call me up and tell me what’s on your mind or how your day went or just the random things you want to share.

Please know that I love you and that I am forever grateful of the series of events that happened precisely the way it should just so we could be where we are right now.

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