Blogging 101:Say Your Name

HA! I did not give up on my Blogging 101 Assignment! Well, it is a few days late but I did not give up on it and that is what’s important. Anyway, about assignment, I decided to vote against changing my title and tagline.


I don’t know, I just feel like I’m already connected to it. I mean, this has been my title and tagline for a very long time and changing it would be like shaving my head. The analogy did not make sense but I hope you feel me about this. I got both my title and tagline from the songs of one of my favorite bands called The Maine (Misery and We’ll All Be).

To be honest it doesn’t really have anything to do with whatever I want to say to anyone who visits my blog. It does not contain any stories or emotions. I just chose it because I love the sound of it.


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