Let that Reflection Show

Daily Prompt: The Mirror Crack’d

Last summer, I had a teacher and she challenged us that for a day, we should try ourselves to avoid the concept of vanity and carry on with our lives without the awareness of how we look. Of course, since it’s one of those homework where you could just lie and say that you did it and come up with stories about that particular experience, nobody bothered to actually do it.

Also, these ambiguous little shards of surfaces that is so shiny it has the power to project much of the physique of a certain object are really hard to avoid. Well, not the mirrors really, but the reflection of yourself from it. Since we don’t really visualize ourselves in a third-person point of view, mirrors are kind enough to give us the pleasure of seeing how others see us and aiding us in making predictions on how others would think about what we look. Horrid or fabulous. I know it may sound giving in to the issue of stereotyping of the society based on the appearance of one, but I think the world has a long way to go before anyone could go out of the house without getting stabbed by the watchful eyes of everyone.

Despite of it being ordinary, daily instrument of vanity, this thing is as important as the reality it reflects.


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