G’day Sunshine

Daily Prompt: New Dawn

I love waking up early in the morning. I am a morning person. I love having the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee in a breezy early morning air. I love the stillness of everything around me as everyone else snores innocently, unaware of the turn of another day. And the stillness of the already awake and yet still lying on their bed and staring in the ceiling and pondering about another day they’re going to face. I love the feeling of waking up at peace with nobody screaming about my tardiness. There is no rush. And no one running around the house screaming and panicking and complaining about the time.

To be honest, early mornings are the best moments to wake up. 5:30 am to be exact. I know the heavy feeling of having to rise up early in the morning when you still feel like you could extend time and sleep for another couple of minutes but I just have to prefer this time than waking up at almost lunch time with an extreme headache and the inevitable heat of the late morning sun.

I love waking up early to kill time. Whenever I feel like going to class late, I would still wake up early, still do my morning routines and then I’d waste my remaining time doing irrelevant things aside from sleeping. That’s is usually the reason why I sometimes get late.

Unpopular opinions.tss.


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