I Kinda Need That Hundred and Four Days of Summer Vacation

Daily Prompt: August Blues

There was never a year in my elementary days when the first day of the school year was scary. or boring. I never gave first days of school negative thoughts because I was always excited about it. I mean I was 10. and I couldn’t wait for the day to show off my new set of supplies. I couldn’t wait to see the friends I’ve missed the whole summer even though they live just a couple of minutes away from my house. I couldn’t wait to start fresh and begin to becoming a more responsible pupil which I promised this summer after seeing my grades.

I could’t be happier to be outside the house and taste freedom by running wild across the fields of my school with my friends without my mom calling me up to wipe the sweat off my face. School time back then were as fun as summertime.

And now…

I don’t even know what summer feels like anymore. And I’m not talking about the scorching heat of the sun because I am well familiar with it. I’m talking about the idea of relaxation and fun and sand and sleep. It seems like the month of April and May were just another tiresome series of activities. And then you get to continue them when the month of June comes around. They’re all summer classes. With fucking homeworks and irrelevant things.

I need a day-off.


4 thoughts on “I Kinda Need That Hundred and Four Days of Summer Vacation

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