Labor with Love

Daily Prompt: Work? Optional!

I don’t have a proper work yet because I’m still a student. And as a student, I think the idea of work should be thought through because if I ever get mistaken on what I think is the reason of why I get up everyday in the morning, then I think I’m gonna have a problem. I’d like to think of work as more than a survival from the watchful eyes of the society or from the harsh environment of taxes and prices. And even though I still can’t imagine myself as a person with an actual job who can actually feed myself, I’d like to think that however I work must be a fun thing for me.

Here’s the thing, If I ever get to work on something that I love and that I don’t get money from it, I’d say, Why the hell should I stop? This is real happiness we’re talking about! It may sound cheesy but no matter how practical you think, you just can’t compare the satisfaction you achieve from your love of doing that service to those bits of paper you exchange with people. And everything is a lot simpler when money is not involved.

And If I hate the job and money was out of question then I’m done. I am definitely getting out of there. Simple as that. And with my free time, I would do lots of art and do lots of entries in my blog and have marathons of series that I want and at the same time look for work that I would actually be happy with. And I know that looking for a job is not as easy as I say it but that’s my plan..for now.

But things get complicated when the situation changes. What if I hate the job and get money from it? I know it’s getting off topic but I can’t help but think about it. What would I do?

I think that’s the time when I don’t do anything about it until conscience hits me on the head despite of what I said two paragraphs ago. Yes, I am a hypocrite and I know it and I’m so sorry. But given the situation of how the world is right now, I think it’s really hard to do good.

You know those people doing awful things for good reasons? WelI, I see those kinds of people everyday. And I can’t blame them. I actually feel sorry for them. Imagine that situation where your moral senses get to be tested just to feed the people you love.

Oh, how the world sucks.


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