The Travelling Man Will Save The Day

Daily Prompt : Uncanny Laughter

I remember the time when I was 12 and we were watching the seniors crushing the freshmen in the girls’ basketball team by 32 points. The game was so devastating to watch. The scrawny 12 year-olds versus the meaty 16 year-olds. And just like that, I ran to the bench and asked the coach if I could join.

I have no idea what I was doing. The only thing on my mind that time was that I had to do something for our team. I didn’t even realize until later that one person can’t just run into the court and ask if she could join the official team as if joining a backyard basketball game. Without any try-outs. Without any practice. Without any knowledge about basketball. But I guess it was desperate times so the coach actually said yes to my permission.

And the next thing I knew, I was in the court, running back and forth, not taking my eyes off the ball. And I wasn’t even wearing the proper uniform! I was wearing jeans! Yes. How badass (and embarrassing after realizing it years later) this kid must be.

And you wanna know what’s even cooler? Well, I ACTUALLY SHOT THE BALL. Well, we lost but it was 32-2. And that 2 points was on me. I was a hero in front of my friends! 

And I was officially part of the team.

But I know, deep down, it was just a lucky shot. Because the next day, things started to turn around and there was this particular moment when I was dribbling the ball and trying to prevent the opponent from getting it and some guys who were my classmates were saying “JUST GRAB THE BALL AND RUN!!!”

And I did.

And I heard a whistle.

Fucking obvious travelling. It would be okay if I was double dribbling. But I literally did what the guys told me and grabbed the ball and ran half court. There came a roaring laughter from the crowd. I laugh along but some days later I was burying my head in the pillows everytime I would remember that moment. 

You see, unintentional funny stories are usually embarrassing ones. 


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