Shoes And Changes


“So what is one thing that you thought you would never change about yourself and you did?” or (if you can’t thing of anything) “What is one thing you know you’ll never change about yourself and then put it on a safe place look it in 10 years time and find out how wrong you were”

So this guy gave some thoughts about shoes and change and at the end of the video, he asked a question that struck me. To answer that, I guess I had to look back to the person I was, preferably to the antisocial kid before I went to college.

Back then, I thought I would forever lock myself from the world of spending time talking to people who are different from me. I  thought I hated the idea of getting involved with people who did not have the same interests as mine and that to define myself, I should stick to my group of friends and not try to be friends with others at all. But then, college came and I separated from my friends so I did not have any choice but to talk to people and hang out with them.

That’s when I realize it wasn’t a bad thing. I realized then that I didn’t have to go and find a group with the same interests as mine just to make myself belong. For me, the idea of belonging is not about how similar you are but how people makes you feel welcome and part of something despite of your differences. I guess you just have to find the right people who are willing to do that and the influence you can give them and vice versa can give the similarities you look for.

I’m not saying that I turned out to be this outgoing/care-free person who literally says hi to anyone she meets. But I did met a lot of people and I learned a lot from them and I think I’ll keep that attitude in the best I can.


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