Surviving the Blackout

And so the black out went on for several days. Almost for a week, i think. That included the internet connection (which only came back just yesterday if it wasn’t for my mother who went to complain) And in those moments of candle-lit dinner tables and the unavoidable heat at night, I pondered about how slow time gets without the distraction of the television, the internet and all the other technologies found in our homes.

In the spirit of honesty, it does feel soulless and idle without them. And I’m not proud of that statement since I know for a fact that there is so much to do outside the four corners of our screens yet I still felt that way. I can’t believe how much impact these sheets of metal has done to us. 

In anyways, I still managed to find ways to avoid the last option I have after dinner time — which is going to bed.  And can I just tell you how early that is because we usually eat dinner at like, 7:30 in the evening. 

Option #1 Sing Along to The Family Songs

I’m lucky to belong to a family whose got the best tastes in music. In those dark nights, we found light through my father’s strums and the Beatles’ songs. In some nights, it would be John Denver’s, other nights, some random artist. But most of the time, it would be the Fab Four. 

It’s like having a campfire song only that we sung around a lit candle instead of an actual campfire. I have never felt more proud with my family knowing that we are cool enough to have something to do and enjoy together.

Option #2 Listen to Your Mom’s Legendary Pranks When She Was Your Age…and other stories

My mother loves to tell stories especially during blackouts. I think she understands that we have no other choice but to listen to her. And she would usually tell stories about her life before marriage and to be honest, they’re all still very amusing despite having heard them millions of times before.

My favorite is when she played a joke on my uncle (her brother) who caught some fish and when he left my mom PEED on them. Yes, peed on them. That’s the most hardcore and satanic prank story I’ve ever heard from someone I knew personally. And that’s is from my own mother. Who taught me about manners and grace and respect. Well that story taught me about real woman power. You go, mom.

Option #3 Read More

I have not actually read everything that’s on my shelf. Some of them remained a display up to this day. The blackout has given me the opportunity to explore them (and some of the books lent to me by my friend). And I have decided to put it on a separate entry because I wanted to talk about it more. 

Option #4 Put that Commonplace Notebook to Use and Write Things to It

Since the availability of the internet have yet to come back, the only way I can remember the things I want to put on my entries is to write it down. And edit it later. And post it tonight.

Option #5 Lie Down and Have An Existential Crisis

It’s basically the last option where the decoy option would be sleeping and yet I can’t because my body clock does not conform with the time and so I’m left with all these numerous thoughts of doubt and confusion and internal struggles I did not realize I had. It drove me crazy and the only thing I can do is…well…sleep. 

That’s about it. I guess the blackout had not been that bad after all. It gave me a chance to live before I get stuck with the computer again.


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