Opening Themes

You know there are days when you feel like all the time in the world is so precious that watching a TV show is so hardcore it’s like you’re trying to watch a 45-minute episode in 3 minutes. Of course, the closest way to achieve that goal is to skip the title sequence and carry on with your marathon.

And then there are days when you still feel like all the time in the world is so precious yet you just can’t afford to miss the title sequence because skipping it would be like breaking a ritual. It’s like a rite of passage from being a casual viewer to a crazy fangirl. It’s a preparation before embarking an hour of pure awesomeness discovering the deepest, darkest secrets hidden within the corners of you screen. The shocking revelations, the thrilling chases, the overwhelming emotions, the heated arguments, the blooming romances and the legendary victories.

And it’s not just a preparation. A title sequence is a whole cautionary advice for everyone who dares to enter the fictional world created by the greatest people ever lived.


4 thoughts on “Opening Themes

      1. Leiry

        Dundundadadundundadadadundundadaduuuun—yeah okay I can’t translate music into words. There are good opening sequences in anime too, but most of them are too draggy and too spoilery for me to actually care. Oh and I just noticed this, you tagged GoT and Sherlock and other shows in your post and I was like SO YOU’VE GOT GOOD TASTE /pointlessblabber

      2. sonicspenny Post author

        yeah well originally, i put some pictures of tv show title sequences on it but then i realized it didn’t look good.guess i forgot to remove the tags.haha.anyway, thank you for that 🙂

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