Too Young for the Dad and Too Old for the Son

The last passenger to be my ride home on that particular day was a man who looked like Cory Monteith. Okay, maybe not but he’s got the guy’s hair, his complexion and the shape of his face. And he was wearing a gray V-neck that outlined the contours of his body. And yes, it was not easy to miss the toned muscles and broad shoulders. He did looked kinda attractive. Until I realized a little kid was sitting on his lap and yes, it looked like it was his son. 

Of course I was disappointed. I could have had a remarkable story of two people destined by fate to meet on that precise moment when anyone on that terminal could have moved half a second faster and be the last passenger to take the last available seat on that ride. Man, I was thinking of casually tucking my hair on one side and just be…pleasant. But that plan was ruined by this little boy, who, to be honest, has a spitting image of his father. Ugh, I am too young for this guy and too old for his son. Just great.

Anyway, that did not stop me from catching a glimpse of him from time to time. And one thing that got me more curious of him is that he looked bothered. He kept looking at the road, as if checking if they were headed on the right direction. Droplets of sweat was visible on his temple. It was obvious he was uneasy. It was like he was running away from something and took his son with him except that they didn’t have any bags with them. Or maybe he kidnapped the child? But it can’t be because in every moment he can, he would kiss the boy and whisper something to his ear. 

The kid, being a kid, by the way was calm and thought it was some kind of an adventure they were having. He was about five and his fingers never left his mouth the whole ride. 

I know that it’s impolite to stare at people because it usually makes them feel bad but where else can you look when you’re surrounded by weirdly interesting individuals like these people. 

ok seriously, these daily challenges are getting more…demanding.


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