Music is kinda like a Bookmark

Actually, I couldn’t possibly pick just three most important songs in my life. I love music. And each rendition would have a different effect on me that I think is important in my life. But since the instructions say so clearly that we only need to pick three, I would have to go by it.

1. Back Home Again by John Denver

When I was an infant, my mother would always play a John Denver song to put me to sleep. We used to live on my grandparents’ house and I spent my early years in there and every time I would hear this song, it kind of reminds me of my life in the farm my mom’s family owned. There, I hid from my grandfather in the evenings whenever he calls me for supper. He was the kindest person in the world and I would be forever grateful that I was his favorite. I made friends with the animals. I learned to do chores.  here wasn’t a television nor children to play with. That was when I pretended to have friends and it kinda scared my mom. Those were the days when my whole world was as big as the farm that surrounded the house.

2. I Must Be Dreaming by The Maine

This is the song that started my habit of sorting out the music I listen to. This was when I started really appreciating alternative rock music and obsessing over the bands that play them. This is when fangirling started and this is when I started choosing my songs properly and giving salute to the indie music. And most of all, this is how I started my dream of having to attend a concert and guess what, I did…in a way.

3. Radio by Lana del Rey

I remember listening this song for the first time when it was almost two in the morning and my friends and I were lying on the roof and just admiring the moon and the stars. It was a beautiful night. The smell of my friend’s cigarette didn’t irritate me one bit because I was struck by Lana’s voice. At first I hated her and the way her songs sounded because it was weird and not really my genre but I guess there was something about that night that wiped away my prejudice against the music that I was not familiar with and made me find beauty in it.

10 thoughts on “Music is kinda like a Bookmark

    1. sonicspenny Post author

      aww man i dreamed of meeting them! seriously i LOVE them. thank youu 🙂 oh and by the way, the way you described yours is really full of emotions. i just love the details you put on them 😀

    1. sonicspenny Post author

      really???omygod he’s such a great artist and the lyrics of his songs are really family adores him.we even have a tradition of playing his music every new year’s day 😀


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