I Once Had A Friend Who Was Deaf

Back on the days when playtime was everything to me and school had yet to dominate my life, I had this friend. and she waso deaf. Her family owned a wholesale and retail store just beside ours so we were stuck with being official playmates. I never remembered how on earth we understood each other. All she did was say all these gibberish words and everytime I say something to her I would say it again in different octaves until I get really frustrated and start talking shit to her and my mom would come over and explain to me her condition just to avoid another segment of noisy cries and physical fights. Believe me, despite her deafness she is one tough little bitch. Hell, you can imagine how much we quarreled over the simplest things but at the end of the day, we would gather up our toy cups and start scooping the displayed refined sugar that was strictly banned to us by my mom. I didn’t even the knew the purpose of our game but we surely enjoyed it.

We shared the same birthday by the way, which is really cool. But we never had the chance to celebrate it together because just some months before we were on the age of where friendship is more than watching cartoons together and eloping the afternoon nap time, her family moved out. and I never saw her again. I didn’t even knew her real name. All those time, I called her “Buding” and that her parents names are Lorna and Rustom. But those are the only things I remembered. She never left me photos nor gifts. nothing.

All I know now is that she can already talk because she already has a hearing aid. But I think it would be awesome to hear her talk. I would be the proudest friend.


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